The Best Piece of Chocolate I’ve Ever Eaten

I picked this up by accident, or perhaps by divine intervention, while at Berkeley Bowl.  I had run in to the store, just to pick up vitamins, and found myself in the totally crazy natural foods aisle.  The foods that stock the natural foods aisle in most grocery stores just have normal homes in Berkeley Bowl.  We’re crunchy like that.

This aisle in Berkeley Bowl is home to things like maca powder and marshmallow root.  My hand was drawn to the coconut cacao cup by an almost magnetic attraction.  This was nearly stopped short, by a price tag of $2.85 (!) for just a single piece of chocolate.  Apparently my love of all things chocolate and coconut overpowered any frugal instincts I have.

Before I knew it, I was out the door with the vitamins, and this magical piece of chocolate.


I opened the package in my car.  I’m not known for self control when it comes to chocolate, especially one that looks as good as this piece did.  I took a small bite and was completely amazed.  It was the most rich tasting chocolate I’ve ever tasted.  On some level, I had wanted to be unimpressed by this piece of chocolate because I can’t be adding $3 coconut cups to my list of regular obsessions.  Unfortunately, this was so good that I contemplated saving half the cup for later.  Not just because I knew I’d want some more of this amazing taste later, but because the candy was so incredible and tasted so perfectly of the very essence of chocolate and coconut that I felt totally satisfied after that first bite. 

I didn’t save it of course, because it was amazing and because of my lack of willpower around chocolate.  But I have no memory of ever eating a piece of chocolate and feeling so completely satisfied just halfway through.  “Live Organic Vegan Euphoria” seems like a little bit of an oversell until you’ve tasted this chocolate.  Now to build a $3 chocolate break into my regular budget Smile


What’s the best piece of chocolate you’ve ever eaten?

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3 Responses to The Best Piece of Chocolate I’ve Ever Eaten

  1. I can’t pick the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten (for obvious reasons). But some of my favorites include the Teuscher dark chocolate buttercrunch, the Vosges goji berry bar, the Vosges gingberbread toffee bar, and the Amedei Venezuelan Cru bar. I have yet to try raw chocolate – looks cool.

    • Beth says:

      Those all sound wonderful! I also love the sea salt and nibs bar from madecasse chocolate, but the coconut cacao cup blew even that out of the water. Try to check it out. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Jenn says:

    Yum! I’ve got to try that one day from Berkeley Bowl. Thanks for the post 🙂

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