Our Berkeley Garden: Week Eight

Did you catch the most recent update in week six? Or see where we all started way back in week one.


Our zucchini plant continues its efforts to take over the world, or at least the backyard.  Also, some of our lettuce has bolted, which I must admit doesn’t leave me heartbroken.  12 lettuce plants makes for a tremendous amount of lettuce, far more than even this salad loving girl can stand.

This is our first hidden cucumber.  I wonder if we have to worry about this plant competing with the zucchini for world domination.


Many of our plums are ripe and ready for picking.  My neighbor made an incredible jam with some of the plums that I’ve been eating on toast by the spoon.  It’s sort of mind boggling to me that we can just go out into the backyard and pull a plum off one of the trees when we want a snack.


Our avocado is looking a little more avocado-like.  Now there are four of these little guys populating our tree.  I hope that more join them soon!  We could have all the makings of a salsa and guacamole feast in our backyard.  Taco night at our house!


Speaking of salsa, see that tomato hiding out right there in the middle of the plant?


Or how about these little guys?  We have tons of tiny tomatoes all over our plants!  I can’t wait until they ripen.


Also, see this funky plant?  Do you know what it is?


Yup, that’s an artichoke! We have three of these plants, and one of them has 8 tiny artichokes growing inside already!


Every day that I go out and visit our garden, I’m totally amazed by how much it’s grown. I only need to look back at week one and see how far we’ve come since we planted everything. I do believe Northern California has some kind of garden magic in the air, since the only thing I can claim credit for is remembering to water everything..

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5 Responses to Our Berkeley Garden: Week Eight

  1. That’s a truly amazing garden – artichokes and avocados?!! Either Mother Nature or I ends up killing everything I plant in Boston. The herbs are coming along this year, though!

  2. Joanne says:

    Awesome. I especially love the artichoke. I am going to do that next year. jealous. What a state you live in or is it just your green thumb! J

  3. Patty says:

    It never ceases to amazing me that your awesome at everything!! Love your garden. Miss you.

  4. Louise says:

    Your artichoke looks like our thistle plant, but I like yours better! My how your garden grows!

  5. Audrey says:

    This is awesome! How fun that this all happened in 6 weeks! Makes me almost want to have a garden myself 🙂 Almost.

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