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Pizza with Vegan Cashew Cheese: Inspired by Gather Restaurant

Gather is one of my favorite restaurants in Berkeley.  The restaurant has this great cozy ambience with lots of cool details.  The menu has a great mix of comfort foods, and incredibly creative pairings.  (Their vegan charcuterie is always fascinating, … Continue reading

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Rosemary Garlic Olive Oil Bread

When I was thinking about my stuffing recipe, I knew I wanted everything to be as flavorful as possible.  I was also dealing with a competing priority though, which was that I knew come Thanksgiving morning I’d have very limited … Continue reading

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Jamestown, Rhode Island

It’s been a whirlwind trip starting with a delayed redeye flight that got me from San Francisco to Boston.  From Logan, my dad brought J and I home where I started cooking vegan mushroom gravy, vegetarian stovetop stuffing, and drank … Continue reading

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Cranberry Tea

The name cranberry tea doesn’t properly explain how wonderful this drink is.  The first time J had it, he described it as nectar.  It’s sweet and tart with just a hint of spice.  To me, it’s completely synonymous with the … Continue reading

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A Vegetarian Riff on Stovetop Stuffing

I grew up on Stovetop Stuffing.  The red box was totally integral to our holiday season.  My sister and cousins and I could demolish two or three boxes of Stovetop Stuffing all on our own.  We called the kids’ table … Continue reading

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Mushroom, Tofu and Bok Choy Soup with Homemade Noodles

Can we pause for just a minute and focus on the title.  HOMEMADE noodles.  That’s right.  A number of kitchen techniques make me anxious.  I’ve been slowly conquering them, pickling peppers, canning tomatoes, and making pie crust from scratch.  Still, … Continue reading

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Baguette French Toast with Pomegranate Seeds

I adore pomegranates.  I tend to buy them this time of year, and then they sit in a bowl on my kitchen table for at least a week while I psych myself up to deal with them.  Luckily, pomegranates are … Continue reading

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