Our Berkeley Winter Garden: Week Two

Here’s just a quick walk through of what we’re trying to grow this time around.

garden_long view

I have a bunch of herbs in pots on the deck.  This mint plant looks like it wants to take over the world.  What else can I do with mint besides make drinks?  I have a LOT of mint.  Perhaps making my own mint chocolate chip ice cream is going to be in order…


Here’s a little pot of thyme.  Perfect for winter soups, and perhaps for reinventing a vegetarian version of Stove Top Stuffing.


Some tricolor sage.  I love the pink and purple tones.


A little pot of parsley that isn’t doing so well.  Is parsley not a fan of cold weather?  It seems less hardly than all the other herbs.


Tiny Tuscan kale seedlings.


Which will one day (theoretically) grow to the size of these crazy kale trees our garden has managed to spawn.


This is a Brussels sprouts seedling, but at the moment it’s virtually indistinguishable from the broccoli and cauliflower plants.  We’re growing those too, but they all look like this right now.


And finally we have some little pea plants, climbing up their trellis.

pea plants

We’ve had some serious problems with slugs, that we’ve hopefully laid to rest with a combination of coffee grounds and saucers of beer.  I’m optimistic that all our little plants can bounce back, but we’re still trying to work out what they need in terms of sunlight and water.  Fingers crossed, I’ll be eating my own Brussels sprouts and broccoli this winter!

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7 Responses to Our Berkeley Winter Garden: Week Two

  1. Cate says:

    I am SO jealous of your garden! We have thyme, oregano, and mint in pots on our front porch, but the mint is dying (and I thought mint was impossible to kill!)

  2. sassyray says:

    Mint is awesome!! It’s great as tea and gives amazing flavor to salads! Everything tastes brighter with mint, if that makes any sense 🙂

  3. Beth says:

    It does make sense, though I never would have thought to add it to salads. Do you have a recipe or technique for making your own mint tea? That’s such a great idea, thank you!

    • sassyray says:

      I just pick a stalk, crush it a little in my cup with a pestle, pour the hot water over it and seep for 3-5 minutes. I guess you could dry it before you use it, but I don’t have the patience for that!

  4. Kelsy says:

    The best thing with mint is making yoghurt dip. Chop it up super fine, mix with unsweetened natural yoghurt, a little chilli, cucumber if you’re keen. Probably the best dip ever invented.

  5. Kelsy says:

    (Mine is taking over the garden too – in fact, it has started sprouting mysteriously in pots other than the one I planted it in. The spinach is very confused at its new roommate.)

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