Walnut Creek 5k

I’m running another 5k this Saturday.  It will be my third 5k of this fall/winter running season.  I ran the Walnut Festival 5k in September and the Mermaid Run San Francisco 5k in November.

It’s really no secret that I have a specific goal in mind for the 5k distance, and we’re closing in on the end of 2011.  This will almost certainly be my last race of the season.  As my knee has gotten better, I’ve recommitted both to workouts and to tracking the workouts.  My weekly mileage on Daily Mile has steadily climbed. (That 15 miles is so far this week!)


I did my last quality workout on Monday, 3×1 mile intervals with paces of 7:59, 7:56 and 7:49.  The first mile was definitely the hardest, and mentally going into the second mile I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to get through the workout keeping my paces under 8:00 per mile. Once I hit pace for the second mile, I knew the third interval was in the bag. Here’s hoping the race goes like that!

25:07 is my 5k PR, but it’s more than two years old now, and I really want a shiny new one.    In September, I ran 26:37.  In November, I ran 25:46.  By 8:30 AM Saturday, I’ll have an answer to how I raced my December 5k.

My goal is to go out just under an 8:00 pace, and then try to keep the second and third miles all around 8:00/mile.  Mathematically, that should be awfully easy to keep track of, and with any luck the reality of my legs holding that pace will be easy too.  I’ve done 15 miles so far this week, and I’ll do another super easy 2-3 miles tomorrow morning with a few strides thrown in.

My A+ goal is a 24:59 or better.  My A goal is 25:06 or better.  My B goal is 25:45 or better.  Wish me luck!

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9 Responses to Walnut Creek 5k

  1. Aron says:

    Have a GREAT race Beth!!!!! You can do this 🙂 sub 25 here you come!

  2. XLMIC says:

    Good luck!!!! I’ll be thinking of you!

  3. You are going to have a great race! Trust in your training and focus on the mile you are in. Run the first mile, ok, hit pace. Run the second mile, ok, hit pace. Now go get that last mile! Don’t worry about your overall time WHILE running. Focus on running just that mile at your pace… you can worry about the next one when you get there. Look fwd to seeing you out there.

  4. Alyssa says:

    I love that this A+ goal and the A goal is catching on. 😛 It’s hard to be disappointed when you can get two As!! Best of luck — can’t wait to hear how it goes! (I wish I could go there & pace you… perhaps in 2012 we’ll get you down to sub-24.) 😛

  5. Good luck!! Your description of your training is making me really miss running 5Ks — will have to get back to that next year! 🙂

  6. Paulette says:

    Good luck girl – get pumped! 🙂

  7. Courtney says:

    YOU GOT IT GIRL!! cant wait to hear how it goes.

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