A Runner’s Christmas Tree

At home in Boston, there are three little glass Christmas trees.  One is filled with M&Ms, one with Hershey’s kisses, and one with starburst mints.  They’ve been filled every year that I can remember.  And also every year, someone has tried to sneak some M&Ms out of the glass tree.  It makes an awful lot of noise though; it’s basically its own candy thief alarm.  My parents tell me that when I was little, I called M&Ms “some toos”  as in, “please give me some too!”  Supposedly I could hear M&Ms being removed from their little glass Christmas tree and would come running, asking for “some toos”

Christmas M&Ms are still one of the important parts of the season to me too, and I always buy one bag.  This year I switch up tradition and went with the pretzel M&Ms instead of the classic.  It’s definitely been the year of the salty and sweet combo.

m and ms

I put my M&Ms in just a little bowl though.  J has magical willpower to resist candy.  He actually can forget it’s there.  I don’t understand that.  So I have to portion control the candy.  I do have a glass Christmas tree, but it’s stuffed with another kind of sugar.


A perfect Christmas gift for a runner perhaps?  I had this genius idea for a runner’s Advent calendar.  Take 12 pairs of socks and number them 1 –24.  Stuff a gu or chomps or sports bean in each one!  Too bad I didn’t get my act together before December 1 this year.

Do you have any Christmas candy traditions?

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One Response to A Runner’s Christmas Tree

  1. That’s a really good idea with the socks and Christmas tree. We also had one of those growing up but there was no tradition about what kind of candy was put in it… except it was always some form of chocolate!

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