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Oakland Half Marathon Training: Week 5

This was a week full of lots of random aches and pains.  I pulled something in my left quad, and while it doesn’t hurt to run, it’s sore just walking around on it.  Also, the tops of my feet are … Continue reading

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Oakland Half Marathon Training: Week 4

It was a pretty good training week.  My plan called for 31 miles this week, but since I’m only running 5 days a week instead of 6, I’m feeling pretty good about this week’s 29 miles.  Though I’m tempted to … Continue reading

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Oakland Half Marathon Training

I just finished Week 3 of my training plan for the Oakland Half Marathon.  The first two weeks were a little abbreviated because I strained something in my left foot.  Luckily, I seem to have put that to rest, and … Continue reading

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How to Run Faster: Chase Speedy Friends

Earlier this week I posted this picture to facebook.  Despite the fact that I ran a 5k PR just last month, my runs since then have been slow.  I’ve mostly been running 6+ miles at a time, and taking it … Continue reading

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A Runner’s Christmas Tree

At home in Boston, there are three little glass Christmas trees.  One is filled with M&Ms, one with Hershey’s kisses, and one with starburst mints.  They’ve been filled every year that I can remember.  And also every year, someone has … Continue reading

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Race Recap: Walnut Creek 5k

The short version: 24:53!! The long version is significantly longer, but I had to start with my time.  I got my 24, with six seconds to spare.  Race morning was very cold, and I drove over to Walnut Creek with … Continue reading

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Walnut Creek 5k

I’m running another 5k this Saturday.  It will be my third 5k of this fall/winter running season.  I ran the Walnut Festival 5k in September and the Mermaid Run San Francisco 5k in November. It’s really no secret that I … Continue reading

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